Septenary is now out on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon!

To celebrate the 50th birthday of Singapore (SG50), we’ve crafted a special number strategy game, Septenary. It’s our special love letter of sort to this beautiful country. Septenary is now out on all major app stores!

Septenary is an addictive number strategy game based on a simple mechanic: move number tiles around on a 8×8 grid so that same-number tiles touch each other and fuse into a tile of a larger number. The larger the number, the higher you score. Fusing more than three tiles and creating chains grant you special tools that can help you in knotty situations.

New tiles appear after every move. How long can you continue before the game board is filled up? The number of new tiles after every move will gradually increase, but concurrently, more special tool slots will be opened up. Can you gradually adapt your tactics to handle this challenge?

Find out more about Septenary here!

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