Riddle Grid is out on mobile app stores!

CKS Studio is pleased to announce the debut of Riddle Grid on iTunes.

Riddle Grid combines two word game mechanics that are wildly popular among word game fans – riddles and letter search – to produce a double delight treat for them. The player’s goal is to figure out the answer to a riddle, and search for the answer on an 8×8 grid of letters. Solve the riddles fast to earn more stars.

Riddle Grid comes with 3 sets of riddles, each comprising 200 riddles. The Easy set is free to play; the Normal and Hard sets can be unlocked via In-app Purchase (IAP).

To celebrate the debut of Riddle Grid, for the first month only, we are offering the Normal set for FREE!

Riddle Grid is also available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.


  • 4 categories of riddles: What AM I, Vocabulary, General Knowledge, Linking Word.
  • 600 riddles in three (Casual, Normal and Hard) sets.
  • 3 leaderboards to compete with wordsmiths from around the world.

Check out Riddle Grid!

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