Hyper Rift, our sci-fi adventure gamebook, will debut on Google Play and Amazon in a week!

You wake up in the medical bay of a spaceship with no memory of who you’re, who put you there, and why. When you explore the spaceship, you realize that you’re not alone. You meet strangers claiming that they too, have lost their memories. Are they friends or foes? Who is the mastermind? Are you in purgatory?

Fun Facts about Hyper Rift

  • It’s the first Interactive English gamebook from Asia.
  • Inspired by classic movies like 2001 Space Odyssey, Sunshine, Solaris, Event Horizon, and the hit TV series Lost.
  • A novel format that provides navigation map, modern GUI and rich sound effects while staying true to the essence of a gamebook.
  • Contain elements that are not possible in a printed gamebook, such as turn-time events and interactive mini games, .
  • Considerable research on astrophysics and biology to provide a believable backdrop for the story.
  • 14 unpredictable endings: good deeds, successful solutions don’t necessarily lead to cheerful endings.
  • Many subtle references to the movies and novels that inspire the game. Can you find them all?
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