Numerous adds a refreshingly addictive twist to a traditional but wildly popular 'clear the numbers' game formula.

In the basic game rule, you drop number tiles onto a game board from the top, and number tiles that equal the number of tiles in a contiguous row or column of tiles are removed. There are hidden tiles which must be revealed by removing its neighbouring tiles before they can be used. As game level increases, a new row of hidden tiles are added from the bottom, so you must clear the tiles as fast as you can.

Numerous adds a new twist to this: if you trigger chains of removals, you earn bonus items that you can use to get you out of knotty situation. These bonus items are:

- increment item, which adds 1 to a tile value.
- decrement item, which subtracts 1 from a tile value.
- swap item, which interchanges two tiles.
- bomb, which reveal or remove a tile.

As the level increases, hidden rows rise faster, but more bonus item slots are opened up, thus requiring you to gradually change your strategy. As you are free to apply the bonus items to any tile you like, you're always in control of the situation, even as it progressively becomes insanely challenging.

Gameplay Footage

  • Refreshing, addictive twist to a classical number game formula.
  • Challenge you to change your strategy as level increases.
  • 10 leaderboards that pit you against the world's best, and 10 achievements to unlock.rion?

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