Letter Hound

Learn to create big, long words from your trusted, college-trained hound!

Link up neighbouring letters strewned around the floral lawn to create the target words given by your hound. You must do it fast before the time runs out! With each succesfully linked word, you'll be given a longer word to spell (up to 15 letters). You can carry over unspent time to the next word. How long can you keep going?

Gameplay Footage

  • A familiar and extremely easy-to-learn word search mechanic given a coat of adrenalin-coated paint.
  • Discover and spell legitimate English words that you don't even know exist! The more you play, the more you discover! The game uses a list 260,000 English words!
  • An achievement leaderboard page for recording your best times and the most number of words you linked before the time runs out.

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