Letter Grid

Letter Grid puts the player in a meditative, zen-infused alternate universe, in which Crossword is played with a new set of rules.

Instead of giving hint for every row and column of empty cells, only some hints are given, and they are hidden in one riddle. The player creates words/solutions with a small subset of letters presented on an on-screen keypad. The challenge lies in unravelling as many words as possible from the riddle using the given letters to fill up the criss-crossing cells.

Can you solve the riddles and unleash the words?

Gameplay Footage

  • Compete in 50 levels on 2 online leaderboards with word masters from all over the world!
  • Purchase ads-free via In-App Purchase to unlock 10 more bonus levels in the current release. ALL future levels are available for free thereafter.
  • 17 minutes of soothing, meditative music to calm your soul and help your mind transcend.

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