Kungfu Brain

The digital era has brought an unprecedented level of access to cheap and addictive digital entertainment, notably games. Digital game sales, proliferation of gaming platforms and integration of games into social media have resulted in the so-called 'massive backlog' phenomenon. Specifically, gamers find themselves saddled with an enormous catalog of purchased but unconsumed games. This in turn causes severe mood swing, loss of appetite, and anti-social behaviors.

Kungfu Brain proposes to tackle this issue by strenghtening the pre-frontal cortex of a gamer's brain. This is achieved by training gamers to play at least two games simultaneously. The ability to effectively "simul-play" several games can potentially lead to multi-fold reduction in backlog clearing time. It's still a long way before a gamer can simul-play Super Mario Bros and Crysis. In view of this, Kungfu Brain strives to provide an introductory training platform to kickstart the initiative.

In every play session of Kungfu Brain, two mini games are randomly selected out of 5. They've very simple play rules. The difficulty ramps up gradually, and the gamers are encouraged to survive the mini games for as long as they can.

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