Halloween Defense

It's Halloween. The restless spirits of a killing spree rise from their graves to seek vengeance against their killer, nicknamed the Pumpkin Head. These victims died a gruesome death, from stabbing by scissors, bone crushing by rock or suffocation by wet paper towels. The spirits will not rest until they've had their tit-for-tat revenge!

Unbeknownst to the spirits, the Pumpkin Head is a hellspawn demoness who commandeers a band of 'Reapers'. Tonight, The Reapers have been ordered to protect their master against the waves of attack at all cost.

How many waves of vengeful spirits can you, the Pumpkin Head, survive before justice is served?

Gameplay Footage

  • Easy, intuitive gameplay that follows the classic rule of 'rock, paper scissors'.
  • Horror music and scary sound effects that immerses you in the Halloween atmosphere.
  • Compete on the high score leaderboard - will you have the most boastful inscription on your gravestone?

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