Digi Crush

Digi Crush invites you to a world of addictive number-clearing frenzies!

Digi Crush is a unique puzzle game based on a number-clearing mechanic. Tap two adjacent Digi birds (a Digi bird + one of its 8 neighbours). If the numbers on their cards compute to a target value by either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, the two birds fly away! Do not let the birds reach the top or it's game over!

As the game progresses, new rows of Digi Birds are being rapidly added, and the player must clear the numbers as fast as possible. Powerups are earned in the process to help overcome tricky situations. For example, there is a time powerup for slowing time, bombs for clearing whole rows or columns of birds.

Gameplay Footage

  • 15 challenging achievements to unlock and 3 leaderboards.
  • 4 types of powerups to help get out of panicky situations!
  • 3 difficulty modes enable playing at casual pace or breakneck speed!
  • Cute graphics and adorable Digi birds that send your heart ... err ... aflutter ;)!
  • Tremendous education benefit. You'll be able to do speedy mental maths in no time.

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