Beautiful Worm

Can you create the most beautiful worm in the whole universe?

Beautiful Worm presents a simple one-tap gameplay that's hard to put down. Tap anywhere on the screen as the worm's tail is inside a target worm body segment to fuse them.

Grow the worm to as long as possible. Ensure that the segment-to-segment distances are as constant as possible to score a high beauty score. As the worm becomes longer, it becomes more challenging to follow the movement of the worm tail amidst the slithering body, and you need to mentally estimate the position of the worm tail, and time your tap meticulously!

Beautiful Worm is very easy to learn, but hard to master!

Gameplay Footage

  • Keep your most memorable worms as pets in 3 virtual jars and show them off to your friends!
  • Earn gold by making worms, and use them to unlock 25 gorgeous looking new worms.
  • Make the longest, most beautiful worm to compete with the rest of the world!

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