About Us

We're a game development studio that specializes in crafting highly innovative and fun games!

Our games span many genres. In the early days, Puzzle and Word were our favorite genres. We made history when our most popular Word game, Spell Quest, was featured on the iTunes Appstore. Later, we diversified into the Action and Strategy genres too. So far, gamers have been showing Orion Nebula and Billionaire Blitz a lot of love in the app stores!

Going forward, we want to make Adventure titles, with an emphasis on storytelling. We craft all our games with love and a goal to deliver a novel and engaging gaming experience.

On top of self-publishing on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, we've also licensed our games to many HTML5 game portals, such as Booster Media, Yepi, MyRealGames, Y8 and Softgames. We are open to opportunities to collaborate with game development studios in Malaysia and Singapore. Feel free to drop us an email!


  • Development: Unity and Game Maker Studio.
  • Release: iOS, Android, HTML5, Unity Web, Tizen and Window Mobile.

Additional Company Info

  • Location: West of Singapore
  • Business Reg. No.: 53286575L
  • Founding Date: 19 December 2014
  • Email us!

About the Founder

In his previous incarnation, Dr. KS Chong was a corporate drone, shuffling between an audio test lab and his cubicle, busy churning out signal processing algorithms and patents to spar with esteemed rivals from around the world.

 Today, KS is a game designer, a storyteller, a coder and a wannabe artist, working from home, public libraries, budget cafes, and occasionally, the senate chamber of the Galactic Alliance.

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